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My First $10/$20 NL Hand - neb i wrando
My First $10/$20 NL Hand

Yes, I know it's a bad idea to be playing $10/$20 NL on as short a bankroll as I have right now, but I had to take the open seat next to altsh01c (who I busted at least 3 times earlier at $3/$6 NL and $5/$10 NL), so here is the very first $10/$20 NL hand I ever played.

$10/$20 No Limit Hold'Em

Seat 6: poker_Mullet - $1,897.00 - Dealer
Seat 7: altsh01c - $957.00 - Small blind $10.00
Seat 8: Kazz_ - $1,000.00 - Big blind $20.00
Seat 9: kvs23 - $11,505.34
Seat 1: solow - $3,525.00
Seat 2: The Raiser - $1,677.00
Seat 3: Ship It Sir - $2,217.00
Seat 4: Robustible - $5,886.48

kvs23 folds, solow folds, The Raiser calls $20, Ship It Sir folds, Robustible calls $20, poker_Mullet folds, altsh01c calls $10.00, Kazz_ checks

Pot: $80.00
Flop: 6d 6h Qd

altsh01c checks, Kazz_ bets $80.00, The Raiser raises to $160.00, Robustible calls $160.00, altsh01c folds, Kazz_ raises to $480.00, The Raiser raises all-in for $1,497.00, Robustible folds, Kazz_ calls all-in for $500.00

Pot: $2,200.00
Turn: 4s

No action

Pot: $2,200.00
River: 4c

Rake: $3.00
Pot: $2,197.00

The Raiser's cards: 5d 6c
Kazz_'s cards: Kh 6s

Kazz_ shows a Full House 6s 6h 6d 4c 4s and wins $1,098.50
The Raiser shows a Full House 6c 6d 6h 4c 4s and wins $1,098.50

At least it wasn't a 5, but damn it, winning that pot would have been a nice boost right now... :(

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calcion From: calcion Date: June 5th, 2006 04:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
dear Kazz,

I was wondering what the hell you had when you go all-in on a 66Q flop. Then again I would have been scared he had pocket ladies.

I haven't done anyt betting/gambling in awhile...

studiogaijin From: studiogaijin Date: June 6th, 2006 01:53 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I was slightly worried about that, but people don't usually limp in with them, and if he had that good of a hand I think he would have played it slower and tried to suck the other guys in.

I was a little worried about A6, and Q6 was a remote possibility, but again he probably would have played that slower. If you're going to play no limit though, you have to be ready and willing to put it all on the line when you believe it's the right thing to do, even if losing would hurt.

I wasn't really ready to do it without a pretty solid hand though, so that's another reason I really shouldn't have been in the game...

The guy next to me was a very good reason to be in the game though, so I dunno'...I'd say overall an okay idea if only done under certain circumstances (like following my money machine). I definitely don't have the bankroll to play it regularly right now. :(
787style From: 787style Date: June 19th, 2006 02:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
How am I supposed to protect you from death threats when you remove posts =) Hope everything is ok.
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